10 Best Moments From The First Year of Dadlife

No denying that having a baby changes you, but its something about those first few years that’s especially special. From warm smiles, to the “ooh” and “ah’s” to tracking objects with their eyes. It’s really a life changing experience. And it’s probably even more special for the fathers that grew up without dads in their lives.

The first 12 months are packed with small breakthroughs and revelations. These are some of those moments.

1.)When you master diaper changes
This can take you a full year to down pack. But once you do it will have you feeling like Super Dad.

2.)When the baby drives the ladies crazy
It’s something exciting about ladies gathered around your child in awe of what God created.

3.)The First Time You Use Them as an Excuse

Welcome to the life of flakeing out but having a very good reason too, you will catch yourself saying stuff like “That’s during the baby’s nap time, or I can’t find a babysitter.” There will be so many less awful get-togethers you’ll have to pretend you enjoy going too.

4.)The first time you’re alone with the baby
If you have a crybaby this will test every amount of patience you have in your body. But after it’s over you will feel so good knowing that you got through it with no help from mom.

5.)When it’s time to go back to work
As crazy as those first few weeks are, and as bad as you need a break. You still will wish you were at home doing dad life with your little one.

6.)You’re first family photoshoot
Can’t wait until the holidays where you and the fam can get all in theme and take some amazing photos that will set The Gram on fire.

7.)When You Find Out Your Child-Proofing Worked

Drawer locks can be a pain in the ass, the gate by the stairs can make it difficult for you to easily come and go. But you take extra pride knowing that you’re keeping the family safe.

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8.)The First Time They Eat Something They Don’t Like

That green healthy baby food that no child in the history of children has ever liked. Its something super funny about looking at their face scrunch in dislike. It’s literally the cutest look of disgust you will ever see.

9.)When you’re trying to have quite sex and not wake the baby
Wait this may not be so fun after all.

10.)The First Time You Give Them a Bath
It’s something about those baby wash products that just smells so fresh and so clean.

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