3 Proven Ways To Boost Your Mans Ego

The term ego has always been said to be a bad thing, they say his or her ego is too big. They think they’re better than the rest of us etc.Men need respect and admiration like women need love, so stroking his ego is so crucial in a world where a man of color is often looked down upon.Now i’m not saying that you should be complimenting everything single thing he does 247/365, but he does need it to feel like the man.

I mean sometimes ego is all a man has. Of course it has to be controlled and managed. Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z said it best

“Sometimes you need your ego gotta remind these fools”.

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Imagine coming home from a job that doesn’t pay well, living in a poor community, police harassing you ,drama all around. If he is to make it out of that environment he will need that ego aka that bop in his step and that unwavering confidence to remind him of what he could be in the future. Personally my wife does a excellent job at stroking my ego making me feel like the man. So therefore I’m not looking for that validation in the streets from another person.

  • Compliment him- “Baby you weren’t lying when you said you’d been hitting the gym”.”I feel safe around you” ” You take really good care of us” “You satisfy me in bed”
  • Respect him– Respect his opinion, respect his ability to lead, respect his need to be alone.
  • Unsolicited sex- Nothing strokes a mans ego more than sex he doesn’t have to fight to have. Once sex becomes too predictable, it becomes boring. Try role playing, some new toys maybe. Whatever you do make sure its outside of your normal routine.
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