5 Types Of Respect A Man Needs

1.)Be respectful even when he’s absent

Public respect is extremely important to men. It’s one thing to talk bad about him in person, but if he catches wind that you were dogging him out in front of your friends there will be consequences. The worst thing is that you can talk about him in a way where the people listening will start to lose respect.

2.) Trust in his ability to get things done- 

When he’s looking for something , or confused we know your natural instinct is to get in there and help. But give him some time to figure it out on his own. This way he will feel like he conquered something.

3. Respect in public

Disrespecting a man in public, talking loud, hand movements or even questioning his judgment is extremely painful. Even something as small as a tease can be seen as disrespect.

4.Respect in communication 

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Its power in the way a woman communicates with her man and her sons if she has any.They literally have the power to make him feel like shit or like superman.Things like tone,hand gestures, eye rolling and body language can all be signs of disrespect when it comes to communication.

5.)Respect his judgment

A man needs to know that his knowledge, opinions and decisions matter. It’s part of  what makes him feel masculine and strong. Now sometimes ladies it’s ok to question things ,but their is no need every time he has a thought or idea you drill him on it. This is another reason why men get lost in their work. They feel like at work they are important and their opinions matter.

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