Waiting and Sharing the Journey.

Gelise Littlejohn

Gelise Littlejohn is a midwestern millennial mom of two boys navigating motherhood, being engaged, and parenthood with her college sweetheart.

J. Lovelace

J. Lovelace is a published author, faith-based blogger, content creator. J enjoys creating content that provokes conversation about building healthier and stronger relationships. Originally from Miami, J lives in Central Florida with her husband and two kids.

Mercy Ebuetse

Mercy is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brielle Magazine. In 2013, She launched Brielle Magazine to use her platform to inspire and empower readers through a rich blend of Faith, Lifestyle, and Culture. She is passionate about Women Entrepreneurs, Women Empowerment, and Youth Development.

Samuel Thompson

Part time blogger, full time husband and creative hero. Father of two boys.I like to do nothing in my free time besides streaming movies. Cleveland Cavaliers fan even after Lebron left.