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All published pieces can be viewed on Millennial Married directly or your personal author page.


Our team will work as quickly as possible but please be advised a submission does not guarantee that Millennial Married will publish it.

It can sometimes take up to a month for submissions to be published on our site, so we appreciate your patience! We are continually working to make our publishing process faster, and you’ll get an email when your story is up. 

You don’t have to. Our editorial team will handle finding an image for your article if selected for publication.

However, if you have a photo which you own and/or that is legal to use that you’d like to suggest to our team, feel free to link it to your article in the “Featured Photo”.

Make sure to include photo credits or the website where it was found. No guarantees that we’ll use it, but we’d love to check it out!

Don’t trip! If our editorial team has left notes please check them out in your dashboard. 

It doesn’t mean the article wasn’t good it may not have fit what we were looking for at the time. Don’t hesitate to try again.

Yes you can. Please let this be known in your article title.

Pseudonyms are accepted. Just be mindful that while anonymity can help us feel free it can also make us less accountable and less empathetic to the impact of our actions. So use wisely. Millennial Married is designed to be a safe place to express our truth and sensitive issues. 


Once your application is approved you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can set your password that will lead you to your account.

Nope. You don’t have to be a professional writer to contribute. Just your honest perspective.

1.) Apply to be a contributor.

2. Wait to be approved.

3. Log on to your dashboard and submit your work.

Easy peasy.


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