Leather and Lace: A Self Love Playlist Assignment

I spent a tremendous amount of time making a man I was falling for a playlist for his birthday. I prepared a week in advance and decided it would be part birthday banger and part love letter, but not too lovey-dovey. I didn’t want it to be overwhelming as we weren’t even close to that stage yet, but an honest expression of how I was feeling about him, about where we were in our situationship, and a way to show him that I truly cared enough to think about the ways to make it a playlist he would want to listen to over and over again. I even included a song I knew was one of his favorite love songs. After realizing I had put so much effort into doing something for a man who did so little, I decided it was time to put that love back toward myself and make my own playlist.

I challenge you to do the same. On apple music or any other playlist maker, make a playlist that describes the ways in which you want the man of your dreams to think about you, feel about you, and love on you. Put the same thought and energy into your own playlist as you would for someone you deeply care about. Listen to the songs over-and-over again, remember that order matters and that the songs should effortlessly flow into each other. Remember, there should be no songs about doubt, belittlement, or forgiveness. This playlist is from someone who knows how they feel about you without a doubt. Someone who honors you. And don’t forget to take a bomb-ass picture for the playlist cover. It must be new. You know you wouldn’t reuse a photo on a playlist for someone you truly cared about – I know I didn’t. It took me two hours to create the perfect sexy snapshot in an outfit I had never worn for anyone else – so don’t reuse a photo for your own playlist. Your playlist will act as an artistic vision board, manifesting the love of your life.

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Due date: Two weeks from now. Have fun, and enjoy your sexy, lovable self.

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