The Art Of The Spiritual Finesse

We know Kanye West for a lot of things, for being a world class rapper and producer, for being Kim Kardashian’s husband, for his fashion choices and for his sneakers. But more recently we know him as a man that said on live television that slavery was a choice and a man who wore the infamous and often polarizing red ball cap that reads ” Make America Great Again” made famous by our President Donald Trump.

So then the campaign began not the presidential campaign but black folks campaign to officially cancel Kanye West. After all he did for the culture the whole culture felt enough was enough but then Yeezy had another card up his sleeve.He started having weekly Sunday church services he called them Sunday Service. If you’re not familiar with Sunday Service is a new era of how the culture does church Combining Ye’s love of music, fashion, and Jesus, Sunday Service is religion hand-crafted for the social media age.The location changes weekly and the choir as well as the attendee’s have a dress code. At Sunday Service you can expect yo hear your favorite song flipped into a beautiful gospel sound that you wouldn’t mind bumping in your car. Kanye then decides to name is new album Jesus Is King.

Almost immediately the hate stopped because Yeezy used religion as a way to earn back trust.

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How many times have you heard of a man dropping the ball and then he gets back in church and vows to never make those same mistakes again. And you trusted him because who would lie on God? But I think the answer would be surprising.I can’t help but to notice all the relationship coaches that use God and black women’s pain as a way to make black women submit to men who’s not often worthy of a hot meal let along submission. How many times has a man told you that he was a Chirst follower but then the way he treated you didn’t show that?

So moving forward when anyone tells you they love Jesus make them prove it to you. Make them show it by constant action over time. Because at any given time people will say anything just to get what they want. Don’t become a victim.

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