The Double Standard Of Spousal Support

A New Jersey divorce court has ordered Queen of R&B Mary J. Blige to pay her estranged husband $30,000 a month in spousal support. The couple has been apart and living separately for some time now.

When news broke of how much Mary would have to pay per month for temporary spousal support. Social media wasted no time in picking sides. Some ladies felt that her former spouse Kendu Isaacs was less of a man for having his X pay him that much money.While some of the fellas felt like this happens to men all the time even if she cheated or didn’t keep her part of the bargain. So what’s so different now?

“So he cheated on her and she has to pay. Mannnn howww”

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That’s messed up Mary! You was having money before he even came along, she shouldn’t have to pay him anything

Hmmmmmm…so y’all praise women who get paid after a divorce from athlete, actors and all that .But now the table has turned he less of a man but these women not less of a woman? This is is ludacris

Scenarios like this is why some men fear marriage. The money they earn are part of their self identity and the threat that someone could take it from them is scary. Especially if the shoe was on the other foot he knows that it would be a problem. This is why some men choose to just date with no commitment because if something were to happen he can walk away scott free. But in society where some women make more than their husbands then the standards for support should be the same for women just as it is for men right or wrong?

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