What Would You Do?

What would you do?

The holidays are special to many people. But what if you had a choice to make about what family and friends to invite because for the conflict between the two.
For example, a woman named Natalie has a sister named Samantha that is newly engaged and her fiance is friends with Natalie’s ex. The dinner is being held at Samantha and her fiance’s house this year. Natalie has since moved on and would like to invite her new beau to the family dinner but her ex will be attending the family dinner as well because of his relationship with Samantha’s fiance. According to Natalie, she and her ex are fine with attending the dinner together but Samantha has different feelings and doesn’t want either party to attend because she thinks that it would be awkward and at some point the drama will unfold. (Especially when the alcohol starts flowing.) Does Samantha have a point? According to Samantha she doesn’t like the ex that much anyway and sees no point in him attending also she doesn’t care to meet the new beau either.
In my opinion, since it’s being held at Samantha’s house she has the right to invite who she wants. If she says neither men should attend that should be respected and for the best. If Natalie wants to spend her holiday with her new beau she should do so at her own place or with his family and the ex should spend the holidays with his own family as well.
If this was your dilemma would you do?

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