Why Insecure Men Don’t Need To Date Baddies

It’s like a status symbol, something like a trophy. For a lot of men having a nice looking woman was never the goal, we wanted to be with the baddest in the room.The girl with the most banging body and the prettiest face. The one that could stop traffic. When you think about it, men go to school and look to nail high paying jobs so we can what? Date the baddest women, because the baddest women won’t give a broke guy a shot. But what happens when he’s not secure enough in his manhood to be with the type of woman that stops traffic. Let’s dive into a five scenarios where insecurity and jealously can scare any woman away let along a baddie.

  • Her body makes them stare and that makes him uncomfortable– Her tight jeans makes the boys stop and look, and he now feels the need to tell her to change to something more baggy.
  • Her Instagram DM’s stay popping- Even if she announces that she’s in a committed relationship that won’t stop men from virtually shooting their shot.
  • Her bosses come on to her- She’s the talk of the office, everyone whispers when she walks by wearing her form fitting pencil skirt. The manager may even ask her out for drinks ( To talk about work of course, yeahhh right)
  • Her girlfriends are baddies too- And when they go out for drinks their invited into sections and brought drinks. She tells her man and he feels like she shouldn’t go out alone again.
  • He feels like he can’t afford you- Even if he makes decent money he may think that another man with a larger bag can score you.

All in all its not about the amount of money you have but if you don’t have the confidence to date a woman that’s very psychically attractive then it may be time to date women that cause a little less attention in public.

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