Your Kids Don’t Care About Name Brand Clothes You Do.

One of the scariest parts about having children is that you have to provide for them by any mean necessary All humans have three basic needs, food,shelter and clothing. Ok so you know you need somewhere relativly safe to stay got it, you know most kids eat three times a day got it. But what about clothes? Does this mean any old clothes? Hand me downs? Or name brand clothes?

We want our kids to have a life better than ours so we make sure they don’t want for anything.We give them all our love and attention and of course we keep them fresh.We justify spending $75 on a pair of sneakers for a 4yr old, we make sure their winter coats will look good in pictures, and we make sure that every time the season changes we buy them a new wardrobe.

We say we’re doing it because we love our kids but deep inside we really love the attention it brings us, we love the compliments we love the attention and we love making it SEEM like we have this parenting thing all figured out. BUT in reality kids can care less about the clothes they wear as long as it fits correctly and is clean.

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We get what we care about from our parents and its time we as the African American community start caring about more than what we look like.With 1.3 Trillion spending power what would happen if we made the collective effort to teach our kids about the benefit of stock market investing on real estate or how taxes work. Yes all that stuff they forgot to teach us in school.Let’s take our power back!

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