No Malice Of The Clipse Gives Relationship Advice Providing Insight From His 20+ Year Marriage

No Malice left Pusha T and their group The Clipse because he no longer felt comfortable rapping about drugs and money as a Christian man. This is a long way away for the man that used to rap about cocaine and women with his younger brother Pusha-T. Their first album Lord Willing enjoyed critical acclaim but even with all the success and notoriety Malice always felt something was missing.

It’s been five years since the hip-hop duo stopped making music together, following No Malice’s move to become a Christian rapper. So in 2019 they hopped on the mic once again to be part of Kanye Wests new album Jesus Is King which is basically a gospel rap album. What some people may not know is that Malice has been married for over 20 years to Tonya Thorton.  The “When The Last Time” rapper, did an offered his advice on love and marriage.

On what’s most important in a relationship:

“Faith is the foundation. It’s the floor plan to my marriage. Faith and forgiveness lay the ground rules… It’s just a big part of it and I think that as… and I got to choose my words carefully, but I think, not just Black people, but in our culture and I do believe it’s culture in general… I’m just so focused on my culture that it’s just very relevant for us, but I think that many times we give up on those who we claim to love or we know we’re in relationships with.”

On putting in work to make the relationship last:

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A lot of people would tell me, ‘You got married too young,’ or a lot of people may say, ‘You got to go out and experience the world,’ and I don’t necessarily subscribe to that.  I think the fact that you know I did get married at a young age definitely is a plus and you know is an asset to a marriage, not that everybody should run out and get married young or whatever, but I don’t think that’s it’s a bad thing to get married at a young age. At any age it’s going to take work, you know what I’m saying? It’s going to take work, but all this ‘go out, live your life, do this, do that…’ I mean, I don’t subscribe to that. I subscribe to you find that person who is special to you, you love each other, and you want to get married and have children and that’s what you do.” 

Let’s wish No Malice and his family much success in the future.

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